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Specialized security to face today's challenges.


  • Risk level assessment

    Identify the main vulnerabilities and threats of your business through evaluations and controlled attacks on your technology, processes and users.

  • Centralized Security Management

    Prevention, detection and response to security incidents of all your information assets from a single point.

  • Optimize your IT Security Investments

    Forget the acquisition of depreciable "magic boxes" over time and hiring staff, thanks to our service contracting model.

  • Rapid deployment

    Our cloud service model allows you to connect and manage the security of your information assets from day one.

  • Effective response to Security Incidents

    Our highly specialized and certified team has the experience in solving different types of incidents, helping to recover business critical activities.

  • Security on demand

    The flexibility of our service model allows us to adapt and grow according to your business needs, paying only for what your company needs, when you need it.


Security as a Service

ShieldNow is a set of solutions focused on the protection of critical information of your business,in the development of risk management, business continuity and information security programs.

ShieldNow Plans

Defence Blue Team

Response to incidents

Preparation, identification, containment, eradication and recovery of security incidents.

Digital forensic research

Acquisition and analysis of digital evidence to resolve a security incident.

Evaluation of vulnerabilities

Identification, verification and evaluation of the technical vulnerabilities of the systems in order to maximize the security of each component or service.

Attack Red Team

Test of intrusion

Identification and exploitation of vulnerabilities in order to determine the effectiveness of security controls and the level of risk, through replication of controlled attacks on systems of information, processes or people in the organization.

Red team exercises

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the incident response program by simulating the most used techniques by attackers, under a real life scenario.

Code evaluation

Evaluation of design principles and best practices to detect, prevent and correct the security flaws in the development and / or acquisition of software.

Security awareness

Training and continuous evaluation in information security, to prevent the most common threats aimed at exploitation of associated vulnerabilities to your organisation’s staff.

Compliance Gray Team

Security officer (CISO) as a service

Professionals that allow you to speed up the development of management programs of information security and the regulatory compliance that your company needs.

Risk evaluation

This exercise allows you to determine the risk level to your company, based on the probability and the impact of threats exploit specific vulnerabilities establishing a course of action whereby the risks will be reduced to an acceptable level.

Audits and implementation of security management systems

Analysis, design, implementation, on-going implementation, improvement and strategic auditing of your Information Security Management Systems (ISO/IEC 27001) or Business Continuity (ISO/IEC 22301).

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