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O4IT Hybrid Cloud

The easy way to join the best of both worlds of public and private clouds.

O4IT Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a service that integrates the best benefits of the private cloud and the public cloud within the same organization. Private cloud services offer many advantages for Companies, but public cloud services are probably more cost-effective and scalable. An organization can obtain a higher cost / benefit ratio by using some public cloud services for non-critical operations, and private cloud services when they require greater security and control of the platform.

O4IT combines the flexibility, scalability and power of public clouds with the expert knowledge of O4IT cloud solutions to achieve functional and technical integration.


  • Expert design

    We take care of designing, implementing and managing your hybrid cloud in a cost-efficient way.

  • VIP Migration

    We migrate your existing infrastructure in the shortest time to users. No matter if your infrastructure is on-premise, another provider's data center or in the Cloud, our team is responsible for designing the migration strategy to suit you.

  • Reliable security

    Security is the main pillar of the service. We are certified in ISO 27001, the highest international standard for managing the security of our clients' assets. Our security team protects your infrastructure against threats that may interrupt the productivity of your users.

  • Specialized support

    Our support team and NOC (Network Operations Center) guarantees the best experience and quick resolution of incidents with the best proactive and reactive support.

  • Monitoring

    Each component of the infrastructure is monitored 7 × 24 × 365, it will always have the opportune information that allows it to detect, avoid, correct and plan the infrastructure resources involved in the business processes.

  • Integration

    Most companies today require a hybrid model that allows them to easily expand their operations without a CAPEX and continue using their current hardware until the end of their life cycle. O4IT has an engineering team, expert in cloud-hybrid solutions to manage their entire Cloud / On-Premise operation. From the administration of services in the cloud and local virtual environments to the administration and support of all the hardware in your data center.

  • Compliance

    Companies today must comply with a broad range of regulations. To help them meet the requirements of each one, O4IT has a expert team to help ensure compliance that applies.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Today companies need a backup and disaster recovery strategy to meet their needs and comply with strict regulations and SLA's. Our team is responsible for planning, designing and implementing a backup and disaster recovery solution that adapts to your data retention requirements.

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