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Partner Connect

The agile cloud solutions in our Partner Connect program allows us to quickly enable all types of business partners, from solution integrators to telecom carriers, with a complete portfolio of ready-to-sell Private, Public, Hybrid and On-Premise Cloud solutions. They cover all the necessary elements needed to ensure a successful cloud operation. This includes support in various ways: the boarding phase, commercial and pre-sales, provisioning, billing, online marketplace, self-provisioning consoles and other options.

The quality and broad range of products in the O4IT portfolio is unmatched, but the real value for our partners lies in our ability to manage all types of clouds with the highest security. No matter what type of cloud your customers are looking for or what security regulations they have to comply with, the best professional services are needed to manage their own on-premise infrastructure. We guarantee that O4IT has the solution that perfectly fits your customers' white-brand needs, while maintaining your company's image at all times.


Our objective is to help our partners maximize their profits by leveraging their existing customer base, to offer a comprehensive portfolio of on-demand cloud services, fully supported by our team of experts. Our partners not only enjoy our consistently reliable services, but also have a full team of cloud business experts to guide them through their strategic launch, be it product development, marketing, business development, or any other related requirements.


  • Complete

    The broadest portfolio of "ready-to-use" services in the cloud; Desktop, Infrastructure, Backup, Licensing, Network Management, Unified Communications and more.

  • Quick Go-To-Market

    Your company will be able to quickly provide cloud services, to ensure a successful market launch. Our program includes all product material, training for all areas of your company, assistance in creating and sustaining business proposals, implementation, solution support and ongoing support by our team.

Joining the o4it connect partner program is easy:

1. Registration

Sign up for our Partner Connect program

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2. Contact

Our team will receive your application and one of our Channel Account Managers will contact you to explain the program in more detail.

3. Contract

Signing of the distribution agreement for the Partner Connect program

4. Solutions

Once the contract is signed, you will become part of the program and the initiation process will begin. Once this process is complete, your company will be able to offer solutions in the cloud

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