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Collaboration & Mobility

We have a broad portfolio of collaboration and mobility solutions that adapt to all your business needs. List your requirements and our team of experts in the cloud will design a customized solution for your organization with the availability of email that your company needs, complete freedom of mobility and powerful protection against threats.

Do not settle for collaboration solutions in the cloud that do not have high-quality personalized technical support, or for old on-premises email solutions that do not support your operation or business needs.

No matter which solution you get, in either a private or public cloud, your company will always be running on the latest e-mail technology from Microsoft, the world leader in collaboration solutions.

Our Products

We integrate technology and services with a powerful package, focused on meeting our customers' business needs.


  • Specialized support

    Our support team and NOC (Network Operations Center) guarantees the best experience and quick resolution of incidents with the best proactive and reactive support .

  • Advanced security

    Security is the main pillar of the service. We are certified in ISO 27001, the highest international standard for managing the security of our clients' assets. Our security team protects your infrastructure against threats that may interrupt the productivity of your users.

  • Flexible options

    We have an email solution that adapts to your needs in a private or public cloud model.

  • Complete integration

    The email solutions that O4IT provides have the ability to integrate with your voice systems and other applications.

  • Email Archiving

    We offer a powerful email archive to ensure that emails are duplicate and store in a tamper-proof file.

  • Backup

    Today companies need a strategy of e-mail backup and recovery to meet their requirements and comply with regulations and strict SLA's. Our team is responsible for planning, designing and implementing a mail solution that includes powerful data protection.

  • Regulations

    Today Companies must comply with a wide range of regulations. To help them meet the requirements of each one, O4IT has a team of experts to help you ensure compliance that applies to your technological infrastructure either on-premise or in the cloud.

  • Mobile Device Management

    Easily deliver mobile devices to your employees with pre-configured applications and policies without your IT team getting involved. Your company can easily apply restrictions, designs, changes in configurations, notifications and many more features from a centralized console.

  • SLA

    Our multiple email solutions adapt the most stringent SLA's. We have architects and engineers certified in multiple Microsoft technologies.

  • Email Signature & Disclaimers

    All e-mails are automatically sign and are disclaimer professional, when sent from all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs and Macs. With a centralized solution of signatures and disclaimers, your company can maintain a consistent image by sending emails to all users or select groups of users.

  • VIP migration

    We migrate your existing infrastructure in the shortest time to users. No matter if your infrastructure is on-premise, another provider's data center or in the Cloud, our team is responsible for designing the migration strategy to suit you.

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