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Managed Public Cloud

We design, implement and manage your Public Cloud in a cost-efficient way.

Public Cloud

O4IT has extensive experience in cloud management and by 2019 we have set ourselves the goal of driving innovation with the maximum benefit of the Public Cloud. For this, we have engineering that understands the needs and challenges. We advise and manage the entire cloud adoption cycle.

Our services will have the possibility of operation systems administration, storage, backups, networks and the UNIQUE security seal SECURE CLOUD.

Microsoft Azure

At O4IT we help you to combine technology and automation with the knowledge of our experts, who will help you custom design, implement and run the Microsoft Azure platform, and thus maximize the performance, reliability, time in service and profitability of your business.


Amazon Web Services

We contribute our knowledge at Amazon Web Services to administrate and manage your cloud, looking for ways to reduce costs and improve performance as your needs change.


A Complete Managed Public Cloud Solution

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