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Cloud Client-Computing

Simplified desktop virtualization

Cloud Client-Computing

Gain the best virtual desktop experience in the cloud with a Thin-Client from O4IT. We use powerful stations Thin-Client that offers high performance, flexibility, scalability and security, integrated with your office and the cloud. Our experts are responsible for the complete management and support of their stations.


  • Security

    Data cannot be copied to a disk or saved in any other location due to the fact that your desktop and information resides in the cloud.

  • Equipment update

    Reduce equipment update cycles in your company. O4IT's Cloud Client Computing solution allows you to reduce or eliminate the equipment update cycle in your organization, because the desktop and user applications are outside the physical equipment.

  • Productivity

    Increase the productivity of users, while a PC has long repair and maintenance times causing operational delays; The Cloud Client Computing solution allows the users to access their applications in a consistent manner without incurring downtime for repairs and maintenance.

  • Cost reduction

    Reduce management, renewal and licensing of your PC’s costs.

  • Energy reduction

    A Cloud Computing unit from O4IT consumes an average of 8-20 Watts compared to a traditional PC 150 Watt. This results in a reduction of energy consumption and carbon footprint for your company.

Cloud Client-Computing has Solutions for all types of users

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